If I can make someone smile or perhaps get a smile on MY face when I open my mailbox (which not one day goes by that I don't HOPE to find something FUN popping out of my mailbox) then I think I've done my job and tried to make the world is a BETTER place by making just one person happy! Addresses are sometimes altered for protection so the overall visual of the envelope may or may not be the way it was.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My latest envelopes...

Copperplate Gold ink on dark envelopes really just pops off the paper!

Less is more when it comes to flourishing here....

I love the copperplate gold on black envelopes...

Walnut ink and FineTec Gold palette with Copperplate gold ink

More Copperplate Gold ink

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great card from an old friend...

I met Heather Matthews Lee in Dallas at legacies back in 2005.
We hit it off right away... not sure who we even knew each other,
but it didn't matter... we have been friends ever since.

It was great to see her again at IAMPETH in Albuquerque this past July!
We reconnected and it was so nice!  Julie Gray, one of her best buds,
was there as well and I was happy to see her again!  Facebook is
one thing, but FACE TO FACE is another! 

Heather had a lovely necklace on and I admired it. 
She remembered and included it in her card to me.
It just floored me when I opened the card! 
The necklace says:
Love and Be Loved!!!
You know, us calligraphers, we need to see and have our letters!!!