If I can make someone smile or perhaps get a smile on MY face when I open my mailbox (which not one day goes by that I don't HOPE to find something FUN popping out of my mailbox) then I think I've done my job and tried to make the world is a BETTER place by making just one person happy! Addresses are sometimes altered for protection so the overall visual of the envelope may or may not be the way it was.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nick and Suzi... two different envelopes/cards

Nick V.'s envelope

Nick's letter.. all done in Spencerian.

Suzi's custom Christmas card....

Suzi's envelope

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NEW USPS Postal Stamp

If you're like me... and you send multiple envelopes out per month/week, then you want CHOICES when it comes to your stamp!  I sometimes get my inspirational colors from the stamps themselves. Today I learned about the new, upcoming stamp on it's way for Valentine's Day this year.   What do you think!?   As a calligrapher, I LIKE IT!  I like anything with lettering! 

Enjoy and make yourself a great day! Love, love, love!!
Stamp release is on January 20th or you can preorder online at www.USPS.com

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Even more little treasures!!

Bailey's handmade card and envie

Maureen's beautiful ensemble
Elena's Christmas Card envelope
Ella's thank you note to me.... so sweet!
A letter from Santa to my friend Maverick! Santa left it for him
after delivering presents and thanking him for the milk and cookies!
My Christmas card trees this year.
Another Christmas card tree!

Shelly Ann G.'s hand painted envelope
Gem from Kathy Milici