If I can make someone smile or perhaps get a smile on MY face when I open my mailbox (which not one day goes by that I don't HOPE to find something FUN popping out of my mailbox) then I think I've done my job and tried to make the world is a BETTER place by making just one person happy! Addresses are sometimes altered for protection so the overall visual of the envelope may or may not be the way it was.

Friday, July 17, 2015

More July envelopes and cards!

Learning new things... Elena taught me her morning
glory's, the other day when we met for coffee, etc.

Cool, GO GREEN US postage FOREVER stamps!

I like the colors in this JAZZ stamp!

Sandy told me about  recipe for this GREEN ink. 
Well, there was no proportions and I didn't have
the sample yet when I made Sharon's envelope. 
Sandy's has a lot more yellow in it!
Go figure! I like them both!

My friend, Sherri, just had a double lung transplant
and is dealing with a lot of complications.  To read more
and supoort... Click on her name. THANKS!

Laura... an awesome Chick-eeta-bud of mine!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


To a sick friend

Birthday envelope

Song Lyrics
Birthday Envelope

Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Birthdays!

I love this card... the silver flowers are in the window!

Just playing with some lettering styles and a technique I learned at IAMPETH

Don't you just love this stamp!? JAZZ!?
For a very special Birthday Girl!

That's my DOG on the stamp.... I got it through www.zazzle.com

June Envelopes

From Sandy O.

Graduation card

Friend's sister card.. using recycled calendar pages

Friend's sister who turned 50!!!

Graduation Card

My Bud, Toni, who has the same Birthday as me!

From Judy H.

More extravagant May cards and envelopes

Envelope Sandy's card was housed in

Sandy's phenomenal Card, I just had to frame it!

Close up of Sandy's card
Teri's hand-made card with techniques she learned
in Heather Victoria Held's class in April.

Sharon Z.