If I can make someone smile or perhaps get a smile on MY face when I open my mailbox (which not one day goes by that I don't HOPE to find something FUN popping out of my mailbox) then I think I've done my job and tried to make the world is a BETTER place by making just one person happy! Addresses are sometimes altered for protection so the overall visual of the envelope may or may not be the way it was.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Black, Paste Paper and webbing spray

Here is a piece of black, Strathmore, Artagain paper with paste paper technique
using heavy body acrylics to get the texture

After it was completely dry, I sprayed it with Krylon
Black and Gold Webbing spray

This is the back of the card.  I really like the affects it makes
Here is a very, jewel-toned piece of paste paper... with the black paper
as the base.... see the webbing spray affect in the photo below

This is the same piece of paper as above..
I think the lighting was just a little different ..
Flash vs. No Flash
Another with just the black webbing spray,
NO Gold

This one has both gold and black

This one just has the gold webbing spray
The only thing I don't like about the spray is
that you have very little, if any control over
where the spray goes.  Sometimes, the
density of the spray is too much or too little and
it's hard to actually have " desired placement" of the stuff.

Envelopes galore....

Using Walnut ink with a parallel pen I wrote Juanda and then
added some doc martin's Bleedproof white for the accents when it was
completely dry

Here is a little closer view

I left the white lines on there to show that it is BEST if you use LINES
if you want your lettering to look good. 

This was a "left over" wedding invitation from my
sister's wedding  few years ago.  I made quite a few of
these "outside covers" with acrylics, a cuttle bug folder and
some elbow grease.  I thought that was just lovely. The
hand created marbled paper for the band adds a nice contrast.

Inside of the card... coordinating colors and the use of some
marbled paper I created for accents.

A birthday card sent to Toni... my shared birthday girl...
This was done on Tyvek paper.. which is the stuff that you
use when you send the USPS envelopes at the Post Office...
Very durable... like plastic and not the easiest to write on...
You can get some really nice, leather type affects, though just by
rubbing some ink or paint on the papera
Altered the address for protection

Trudy... THE SURVIVOR!  A card of encouragement!
Altered the address for protection

Trying out some swash letters that Holly sent me... not real happy with them...

a bookmark inserted into a card for a dear lady: Sharon M.

Sent to Houston with love... using a technique that Barbi Close taught
at the latest CCS workshop...using black in and then spritzing it with water.
Altered the address for protection

To a friend whom was sick.... altered the address for protection

Some needed thank you's to helpful, loving folks at IAMPETH